Be the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality packaging products in East and Central Africa and other regions.


Satisfy our customers by manufacturing and supplying quality self adhesive tapes, packaging systems and services in accordance with customers requirements.


Satisfy customers by supplying them with affordable high quality packaging products and service




Every day, we live up to that responsibility by putting all of our passion, knowledge and experience into improving packaging through outstanding and innovative technology that puts you first. We dedicate our efforts to those who depend on our technology the region over, and to a better packaging future.
Statpack is a leader in the field of packaging, household, auto care and consumer products and in the coming year, we will celebrate 25 years of Statpack brand. Our 250 plus employees in the East African region are central to our long success story. We are present in more than 8 countries where we maintain sales and services organization in all of them.
The company operates a quality and safety management system based on ISO 9001:2008 International Standard and BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying quality, safe and legally compliant packaging materials, systems and services that meet and/or exceed customer needs and expectations.

Packaging Worries? We've got the Solutions..

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